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Welcome to Spirit of Old! Grown by Mother Nature ... crafted by Spirit of Old

Welcome to Spirit of Old!

Traditional bark boxes Corresponding ogham staves from traditional woods God and Goddess sculptures and statues Pagan tools and gifts ... all handcrafted and highest quality Athames and ritual items Best and original corresponding ogham sets Pagan Wicca pendants and jewellery
We hand craft wands, athames, pendants, pottery items and rune and ogham sets made from the finest materials gathered from many mystical and ancient places around southern Britain - Celtic hillforts, ancient forests and various megalithic sites.

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Spirit of Old is the home of the original and best corresponding ogham staves and rune sets.

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Pagan pendants and necklaces Blackthorns for spells and magickal workings Rune sets of the highest quality
Rune sets handmade from native British woods Wicca, Druid and Pagan items handcrafted from Wessex woods
Pagan, Wicca and Pagan wands and staffs Dream amulets, sleep charms and herb-filled pendants Smudge sticks made from organically grown, hand gathered herbs
Corresponding rune sets crafted from trees native to northern Europe Ogham bead necklaces crafted from twenty different woods Owl, Hare, Deer and Crow necklaces and pendants

Wildwood Knives

... a range of British-made craft knives designed and created by Spirit of Old's craftsman, Andy Eyles, who has 30 years' experience in woodcarving. Each knife is individually made from carefully selected wood and high carbon steel blades. They are finished to a high standard, with great attention to detail.

Whether they are used for whittling or detail carving, Wildwood knives will do the job. Born out of a need for a high quality, British-made carving knife which stands up to every day use, we are pleased to offer the Wildwood Carver, the Bushcarver Pro and also a range of character carved knives.



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